tirsdag den 24. maj 2011

A new blog, a new start.

So, I finally decided to start my new blog. Last time I had one, I was knee-deep in boy-trouble and babysitting, aka. gap-year. Now, it's different.

I'm back with a vengange.

My name this time around (to thine own self be true), is inspired by a quote I live my whole life by. A wonderful quote from Shakespeare, about loving who you are, and not pretending to be someone else to gain things. This is a very important quote to me - I have had, and still do have a lot of problems being myself, I don't feel as though I can be myself. It is as though I feel like people will like me more, if I'm someone other than myself. I guess this idea springs from the experiences I've had as a minor, where I'm trying my hardest to fit in, but nobody really seemed to care about being my friend.

This is a problem I'm still fighting with today. I struggle at university - I study with people who are too self-obsessed to care about who I am. I doesn't matter how many parties I attend or throw, or how much I talk, they've already decided that I can not be their friend, and therefore, one is frozen out. This is what I hate about life. And these are some of the things I'm going to be writing about in this blog - becase I feel like I need to let it out somewhere, somehow, and sadly the internet will be just that.

If you feel like reading my blog - welcome, and I hope my annoyance won't kill you. And if you don't want to read it, it's just fine by my - this is just to relieve some of my stress and all my problems.

Hope you have a lovely day.